Take part in the competition

We are a passionate group of young people devoted to sharing the joy of thinking through organizing various events targeting students with mathematical talent. One of these events is our annual Dürer competition where teams of 3 take part. We are happy to announce that this year the two most challenging categories (E and E+) are being opened internationally.

Dürer is a traditional proof-based competition, where the teams have 3 hours to solve 5 problems.
In Hungary the competition is held in 4 categories, of which the most challenging one (E+) is designed for competitors who actively take part in olympiad training. In this category, most teams include a student who has taken part in an international olympiad (IMO, MEMO, EGMO, RMM), or is about to qualify for one in the same academic year. Category E is most suitable for competitors with no experience in olympiad maths.

This is a unique competition with many original problems and is an excellent opportunity for students to practice and further their experience while working as a team. This is the spirit in which we have been organising the contest for 12 years. The competition attracts more and more students and schools each year. In the 2019-20 academic year, approximately 700 students competed in the four high school maths categories.

We would like to invite teams of 3 high school students (they might attend different high schools). The deadline for applications is 13th November 23:59 CET, you can apply via e-mail to durerinfo@gmail.com. The competition is held on 20th November at 15:00 CET. The problems will appear on our website (https://durerinfo.hu) in English and the teams will have time to submit the solutions via e-mail until 18:30 CET (in English, scanned in legible quality or typed). After the solutions are marked the teams will receive an online certificate.

We invite schools and other institutions to apply as an official location, in this case feel free to contact us.

The problems from last year’s competition are available in English on our website at https://durerinfo.hu/problems/. The participation is free of charge.

If you have any questions, check our Q&A below or contact us at durerinfo@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the International Dürer Competition

Under what conditions can we sit the competition?
In Hungary, the students sit the contest under supervised conditions, which means e.g. that the supervising teachers monitor them to make sure they do not use any written or electronic aids. As we do not currently have the capacity to supervise the contest elsewhere, the international competition will only be held as an unofficial contest. This means that students can sit the competition under any conditions and at any location, including at home. We strongly suggest that the competing teams not use any written or electronic aids.

What restrictions are there on the team members?
In Hungary, the students compete in teams of 3, where at least one of the members must be a girl, and it is not allowed for all three members to be in the final year of high school. Even though we cannot check if the teams entering the international contest satisfy these restrictions, we strongly suggest that they comply with them.
How many rounds are there?
There is only one round in the international contest. At the moment, our plan is that only the regional round will be available in English at the time of the competition. But we also plan to make the final round’s problems available at some point.
What rewards can we get?
Teams entering the international contest will be sent a certificate (containing their result) via email.
Can we enter the competition officially?
Due to the pandemic this year there is no possibility to participate officially (by coming to Hungary).
Can we compete in other categories?
The only categories that we plan to open internationally are E and E+, but we can also translate the problems of other categories on demand. Such requests can be made via email to durerinfo@gmail.com until 1st November.

Official locations

Any school or institute can apply as an official location. Please contact us at durerinfo@gmail.com.

The organizers of that location can decide, whether they want to translate the problems to their language or keep it in English.

  • In case it is English, we offer them to mark the competitors’ solutions, otherwise they would have to mark the solutions.
  • In case they translate it, they have to mark it. We will send them the finalised problem sheets (in English) a few days earlier to translate them. We will also send them the marking schemes after the competition.
  • We will send certificates electronically to every participating team about their place in that location. They will also see their result compared to all other (including Hungarian) competitors too.

    If your team wants to take part in the competition at an official location, please write an e-mail to the location.

    The current official locations:

    Tehran, Iran
    Sharif University of Technology
    Address: Azadi Ave, Tehran, Iran
    Contact: Navid Safaei (navid_safaei@gsme.sharif.edu)
    Language of competition: Persian
    Maribor, Slovenia
    II. gimnazija Maribor
    Address: Trg Miloša Zidanška 1, 2000 Maribor, Slovenija
    Contact: David Gajser (david.gajser@druga.si)
    Language of competition: English
    Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria
    Akademisches Gymnasium
    Address: Innsbruck, Angerzellgasse 14, 6020 Innsbruck
    Contact: Gerhard Kirchner (g.kirchner@chello.at)
    Language of competition: English
    Graz, Austria
    BRG Keplerstrasse Graz
    Address: Keplerstrasse 1, A – 8020 Graz, Austria
    Contact: Lukas Andritsch (lukas.andritsch@univie.ac.at)
    Language of competition: English
    Vienna, Austria
    Fakultät für Mathematik, University of Vienna
    Address: Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, A – 1090 Wien, Austria
    Contact: Lukas Andritsch (lukas.andritsch@univie.ac.at)
    Language of competition: English